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Wendy Young
Director Operations for Technology – NGen

Please tell us about the work that you're doing and the type of projects you’re working on in the transportation manufacturing sector. 
My mission is as follows; To increase an awareness of cyber security threats in the manufacturing industry and to support organizations with an easy to understand framework to advance cybersecurity knowledge.

What are some of the key impacts of new technologies on existing manufacturing practices?
The inherent risk of cyber threats within new technology comes from a lack of understanding of what these risks are. Secondly, a scarcity of cybersecurity talent in the industry to support the activities required to advance the maturity of cybersecurity.

What are some of the key impacts of new technologies on existing manufacturing practices and what are some of the key considerations for companies managing the shift to Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing practices?
There needs to be a security by design approach to R&D of new technologies.

In what ways is workforce development becoming a key challenge for the industry at present, and how are companies looking to address these?
Industry 4.0 is fast approaching. Currently, the industry is looking for talent when it is required and not planning ahead to develop talent in their organization that is needed for the future.

What do you think enterprises should be doing at present to manage the risk of cybersecurity in increasingly complex manufacturing environments?
To adopt a simple framework that they can grow with over time and to ensure the organization is thinking about cybersecurity as part of the engineering/design process.

What was your motivation for joining this event?
To help businesses answer the question of “where do I start”, I want to show that cybersecurity is not another large-scale project that retracts from the core of the business. I want to help move the maturity needle forward within the cybersecurity industry.

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