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Industry 4.0 : A Roadmap To Adoption
The conference day will be relevant to audiences across the entire supply chain, from OEMs to tier suppliers and sub-contractors.
Across a series of presentations and panel discussion, we aim to give our audience a deeper insight into what manufacturers need and expect from their suppliers, and to show SMEs that Industry 4.0 can be scalable, affordable and achievable for their needs.
We will be exploring the aerospace, automotive and defense sectors, as well as examining the crossovers between these industries.



Advanced Technology Adoption: Defining Requirements

  • Presentations and panel discussions from OEMs and Tier one companies
  • Expectations on how to remain relevant as a supplier in the transportation manufacturing sector, and how these filter down through the entire supply chain
  • In-house manufacturing challenges and opportunities



Industry 4.0: The SME Roadmap To Adoption

  • Case studies and experience sharing with tangible advice from SMEs at different stages of transition to smart factory and Industry 4.0 initiatives
  • Creating a digital mindset through education and leadership
  • Scalability, adaptability and and smart investment
  • Developing new business and driving ROI
  • Insights and advice from leading technology solution providers
  • Workforce development: industrial & academic collaboration and innovative solutions for training the next generation


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