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Workshops -  February 5, 2020


09:30 - 09:55   Challenge the Constraints of Traditional Manufacturing
James Janeteas - President, Additive Solutions Group, Javelin Technologies Inc.

Traditional approaches to manufacturing are no longer the only way you have to bring your product to market. It’s time to think differently about manufacturing. In the era of Industry 4.0, manufacturing with additive opens new doors. Developments in additive technologies (3D printing), have far-reaching applications in Canadian industry sectors—such as aerospace, defense and automotive. Canadian manufacturers are producing a diverse range of complex, high-value products leveraging additive manufacturing supported by high performance thermoplastics.
Join our workshop and learn how with Additive Manufacturing you can shave days off production cycles. Remove complexity from final assembly. Produce lightweight, high-strength structures.. Be more competitive than ever before.


10:00 - 10:55   Ready to Live 100 Days of Digital Innovation in Under One Hour?
Fariha Khan - Senior Managing Consultant, IoT, AI, & Industry 4.0, IBM Canada
Kayla Trivieri - Senior Consultant, Watson IoT, AI & Industry 4.0, IBM Canada

Bring a team of 4 to 8 people or co-collaborate with peers to see if you are the masters of turning ideas into products at the speed of start-ups and at the rigor of enterprises. Explore how to turn your business challenges into opportunities, including how to co-create with users, leverage emerging technologies and adopt new ways of working.


11:00 - 11:25   Innovation for Industry: Burloak Technologies’ Vision for 2020 and Beyond
Brandon Bouwhuis, Aerospace Products Manager, Burloak Technologies

In 2020, Burloak Technologies (one division of Samuel & Son) will continue to grow as a world leader using its additive manufacturing processes. These processes require considerable effort to control and qualify to manufacture hardware. Also in 2020, Burloak will deliver serial production rates of qualified products for aerospace, for automotive, and for space. These products have demonstrated revolutionary performance gains and significant value to our industrial customers. This presentation will provide an overview of Samuel and present Burloak’s vision of innovation for industry in 2020 and beyond.


11:30 - 11:55   The Moroccan Automotive Industry: A Growing Ecosystem
Saad Aiouche, Committee President and Pilot Administrator, Morocco Now
Nahla Benslama, Business Development Associate, Morocco Now

AMICA (Moroccan Association for automotive Industry & car manufacturers) is looking for and helping investors move to Morocco to support the booming Moroccan automotive industry. The Moroccan automobile industry has been going through an impressive evolution and development since its early days. Morocco has moved from being a mere CKD assembly player to becoming a major car manufacturer, exporting vehicles to 75 countries across the globe.
The AMICA organization contributes to achieving and implementing the objectives set by public authorities in relation with sectorial policies. For instance, the organization is leading the industrial ramp up plan, initiated in 2014, by creating ecosystems in Morocco. Thanks to its partnership with car manufacturers already implemented in Morocco, AMICA has determined the needs in amenities and process development in order to meet car manufacturers? needs and attract more constructors. OEMs currently implemented in Morocco supply local and worldwide car manufacturers. Several benefits are offered to investors who wish to support rising Moroccan ecosystems.

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