Michael Jobity

Former Process Improvement & Digital Lead - Airbus, and Engineering Physics & Management V - McMaster University

Michael lives to bring the future closer; a digital native, Michael recently moved to England to work at Airbus Operations Ltd. in Bristol, UK and spearheaded digital process improvement to achieve Industry 4.0 - the revolution of cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things, augmented reality, AI, and cloud computing in an automated manufacturing environment. Michael was featured across Airbus central and recognized as a Future Leader of Tomorrow for his innovative work within Bristol's major plants; commercial, military and additive manufacturing. Now back in Canada, Michael will complete his final year of Engineering Physics & Management at McMaster University. He recently met with Bill Nye the Science Guy on the topic of climate change, was appointed as a Google Suite Champion & IET (London) STEM communicator, and has traveled across the world to lead large digital automation projects. In his spare time, Michael hosts the "PassionPlay" podcast (featured in the University of Liverpool news) and composes music as an accomplished pianist. "The future is so exciting and we have the ability to make it our present".

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