Why Ontario?

As a world-leader in multiple manufacturing areas, Ontario boasts an impressive automotive, aerospace and defense industry among the largest in Canada. World-class prime manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM, FCA, Magna, Linamar, Bombardier, Airbus, MHI, General Dynamics, Collins Aerospace, Honeywell, and L-3 have plants in Ontario and are continuously looking to expand their activities, develop and diversify their supply chain.

Across Ontario, there are around 1000 firms listed as suppliers on major international transportation manufacturing programs.

The Ontario Government continues to invest extensively in innovation, research, education and training, turning the region into one of the most attractive and competitive places in the world for manufacturers and industry investors.


Ontario Canada’s Automotive Industry  

The future of intelligent transportation is being built in Ontario today. Between Detroit and Ottawa lies a 500-mile corridor with expertise in connected and autonomous vehicle technology, artificial intelligence, connectivity, cybersecurity, and quantum computing. Today, more than 170 companies in Ontario are teaching cars to think. Five auto assemblers, 700+ automotive parts manufacturers and 500+ tool, die and mould makers operate here because the infrastructure, skilled trades and more are here.

Who's here?

  • Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, and Toyota run 12 plants in Ontario - we're the only province or state in North America with five OEMs.
  • ABC Group, IMS (Intelligent Mechatronic Systems), Magna, Linamar, Martinrea, Multimatic, MIS Electronics, Valiant and The Woodbridge Group are headquartered here.
  • Hitachi Construction Truck Manufacturing builds its multimillion-dollar mining trucks for the North and South American markets here.
  •  Hino, a division of Toyota, manufactures trucks in Woodstock, Ontario.

Why are they here?

Because they find everything they need: a high-quality workforce, strategic access to the North American market, a dynamic environment for R&D and a culture of high-quality, award-winning manufacturing.


Ontario Canada’s Aerospace Industry  

Chances are your landing gear was made in Ontario – where the landing systems of 75% of Boeing and Airbus commercial aircraft programs are produced. Aerospace plays a key role in Ontario's economy, part of a diverse advanced manufacturing sector producing the next generation of aerospace, robotics, artificial intelligence, machinery, printable electronics and more. And this is where elite digital talent meets the real economy.

Why do so many aerospace companies do business in Ontario? Here you'll find:

  • Over half of the top 25 firms.
  •  Over 200 companies supplying components to all major aerospace programs globally.
  •  21,000 skilled workers.
  •  $6 billion in annual sales with nearly 80% in exports to customers and project partners around the world.
  •  A strategic location and an extensive transportation infrastructure.

Whether you’re an OEM, a Tier 1 integrator or Tier 2/3 supplier, you’ll find everything that you need to succeed is here.

In Ontario you’ll benefit from:

  •  A diverse ecosystem of more than 200 local and foreign companies that supply components globally.
  •  Firms that provide faster, superior solutions across the entire supply chain
  •  A broad range of capabilities all in one place, providing greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Ontario Canada’s Defense Industry  

Sales for the Defense Sector are $5.3 Billion

Defense is a key industry for Ontario, representing skilled jobs, exports, and spin-off potential, meaning tremendous opportunities for your business. For example, while unmanned aerial systems (UAVs) are rapidly maturing in the defense sector, they are also finding a strong foothold in the civilian world in applications such as gathering agricultural crop data and conducting environmental surveys.

Ontario's defense industry is home to firms ranging from large multinationals to high-performing SMEs, across the aerospace, marine, land vehicle and IT sectors. Twelve of the top 25 global defense companies have a manufacturing presence in Ontario, and half of the 20 most successful Canadian military contractors are based here (2013/2014 data). Companies in the province produce everything from light armoured vehicles to combat systems for Canadian naval vessels.

A Broad and Well-Developed Supply Chain

Ontario has over 300 companies that provide defense products and services including aircraft handling systems, aerospace components, protective armor, ship-borne equipment, vehicle heating systems and unmanned vehicles. Examples include:

  •  Aircraft equipment and components: Precision Castparts (Centra Industries), Magellan and GasTOPS.
  •  Armor systems and crew protection: Armatec Survivability, EODC, Beclawat Manufacturing, Morgan Advanced Materials and Tulmar Safety Systems.
  •  Automotive systems for military vehicles: Ontario Drive & Gear, GT Machining and Fabricating, and General Kinetics.
  •  Marine sector: Hepburn Engineering, Thordon Bearings and Dominis Engineering.
  •  Information and communications technologies: Larus Technologies, Kongsberg Gallium and Edgewater Computer Systems.
  •  Turreted electro-optical camera systems: L-3 Wescam

Source: https://www.investinontario.com/



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