Ashek Mahmood
Head of IoT & Edge AI and Industry 4.0 – IBM

Ashek Mahmood is a Partner in IBM Services and the Canadian Leader for IoT & Industry 4.0. He leads transformation programs for cross industries clients architecting new business platforms for connected operations, asset management, supply chain, manufacturing and engineering processes. In this role, he manages a $100M/year business for IBM with AI, IoT, edge computing, blockchain, cloud and 5G technologies driven consulting and product innovation solution and services. He holds 3 patents in the field of AI vision and IoT Operations.

Ashek’s career with IBM started as a Computer Engineering co-op student from University of Waterloo in 2001. Prior to his current roles, he was a leader for digital re-invention in Canada as one of the founding members for Mobile Apps and Interactive Experiences practice. He lives in Toronto with family and gives back to the community by being an advisory council member, conference speaker, and competition judge for startups. He is deeply passionate about solving clients’ most complex challenges while contributing to technology assets and talent growth.

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